Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Home

It was only a few years ago we said we would never live in Clay County again.... well we’re back!!! In May of 2010 we sold our home in Sylacauga and moved to Millerville while we build in Barfeild! It’s been an extremely slow process but we are almost finished with the house. Here’s a few pictures to get you up-to-date.

We purchased the land in January 2010!

Ooopps, I think we made a small mistake. What were we thinking cutting down so many trees?! We had no idea there would be so much space!

Ken has always wanted a real fireplace until this day… he found out quickly how much he hated chopping wood!

Notice the dude's trailer....this has to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen! gotta love clay county people!

I will say I have the best contractor in the world!! My Daddy! I told him I had no idea how smart he really was ;) and now I completely understand why he preferred our house to have 1 roof line.

The day dad decided it was best for him to make the decisions and for me to stay at home was the very first official work day of the crew (yeah, not good) I got to the site as the guys had finished marking off the foundation. Well…. I was in a quandary because our garage seemed to stick out too far and I did not want the first thing ya see of the house to be garage doors so I moved the corners of the garage over 8 or so inches. Of course the guys had to start all over and let me tell you that’s work.

We are beginning to see the inconvenience of moving to the country.  We considered having a well dug but do to the problems our neighbors have had with all the minerals we decided against that.  So we had to dig about a 2 mile waterline to tie into the county water. 

Mr. Bloyce found out pretty quickly what a rambunctious son we have.  After being threatened not to touch the concrete anymore he jumps on it and runs across the garage floor!

Kamden is absolutely obsessed with the new house and getting to help the guys work but Kenzie on the other hand prefers to be indoors.  She usually begs to stay with Grammy so she can make a craft. 

I am truly blessed to have my dad as my builder. 100 years from now when my dad is gone what a treasure my house will be! This particular day I spent with him laying the blocks for the entrance at the front door. Dad was quite impressed that I could lift them but I reminded him of the 50 lb and 40 lb weights I lift all day, everyday.

Jokingly our electrician told me we were going to need to add another power pole if I didn’t quit buying lights.  You should have seen his face when I had him to add a cable line above my bathtub.

A small setback!!! Daddy sprained his knee while turkey hunting.  This meant we had to find someone else to lay the floor and tile.  He spent a few weeks on the tractor working in the yard.

You can add plumber to my list of superwoman duties!!!  Kam and I put together the water line going from the house to the shop. 

Can you see the mischief in his eyes?? 

Ken and I began painting on May 26. With both kids trying to help us it was quite a great experience for Ken. We had been painting probably 2 minutes when we heard banging on the wall!!! Oh boy! we turned around to see Kamden with Grand-Dudes hammer! The sheet rock had been finished less the 24 hours and we now had 4 indentions. 

Kenzie was not too thrilled with the primer color.  She said it needed to be a bright color!

As summer began I hired the wonderful help of my  cousin, Neal. He is a bit like his dad with trying to escape having his picture made.
I hope with his 1st paycheck he will invest in some new boots!

We let the kids help pick the colors for their room. …and for Mackenzie she NEEDED purple!

I had the precious help of Kenzie and Kam painting the trim for the windows…. You can tell by the pictures how well it went  :Z

I’m so glad the sheet rock dude talked me into textured ceilings. After painting the walls I thought my arms would fall off, cannot imagine if we would have had to paint the ceilings!!

Do you have any idea how many decisions go into building a house?? Well I thought I did but boy was I wrong. Everything from crawlspace to ceiling height, brick size to the location of every outlet and light in the house. And whatever the blue prints show I have to tweak just a bit ;)
But I have loved almost every minute of it! And I hope to do it day!!!!